Our services

Retirement Planning

Many of our clients are retirees or close to retirement. We have great experience in this area and can assist you in developing a strategy to ensure you have sufficient income to meet your needs in retirement. This includes showing you how to maximise your entitlements from Centrelink and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

It is inevitable that over time changes will occur, not only in investment markets, legislation, fund performance and the political environment, but also in your personal circumstances. As part of our formal review process, we will continue to evaluate your current investment strategy, portfolio, asset allocation and any other issues that may affect your financial planning requirements.

Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF)

We can provide advice on the establishment and ongoing management of a SMSF. It is important to be aware that whilst there are many benefits to running your own super fund, there are also significant responsibilities attached to being a trustee of your own fund. The potential penalties for non-compliance with the rules for super funds can be very costly.

Financial Planning Matters can advise you as to whether establishing a SMSF is appropriate for you and how to maximise the benefits of your SMSF. We can advise you on how to appropriately structure the fund as well as ongoing strategic and investment advice in relation to your SMSF.

Our advisers are professionally accredited to advise you on SMSFs.

Aged Care & Retirement Villages

It can be difficult to plan, both financially and emotionally, for the move into an aged care facility. When the time comes you may find yourself being confronted with a complex range of questions and decisions.

Seeking financial advice from an aged care specialist during this time can ensure that the decisions that you and your family make will be the right decisions, whilst taking into consideration the impact to your financial situation, age pension entitlement and aged care costs. Making the wrong decision could result in a loss of age pension, increased aged care costs and a reduced estate to be passed on to the next generation.